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Set Up A Handmade Soap Making Business for Pleasure and Profit Are you interested in starting your own business? Then an exciting new career in soapmaking could be exactly what you’re looking for. This comprehensive course in setting up a Handmade Soap Making Business gives you everything you need to begin your own soap making business. Whether you’re looking to start a whole new career, simply want a part-time income, or would like to make your own soap for personal interest, the course gives you all the tools you require. If you’re an aromatherapist and you want to add something to the experience you offer your clients by making soap to your own formulation, the Handmade Soap Making Business course is the right choice for you. When you take the course we’ll teach you how to make soap using a glycerine base and give you the skills to be able to sell that soap. We’ll also show you how to make everything you sell fully compliant with the most up-to-date European Union regulations regarding the sale of toiletries and cosmetics. Benefit from the experience of an experienced soap maker and save lots of time and money avoiding the most common mistakes crafters make when learning. On course completion you receive a Certificate of Glycerine Soap Making and Selling and use of the designatory letters "CGSS" after your name and on all of your promotional material. Our comprehensive home study soap making course gives you the tools you need to set up your own successful handmade soap making business. Our soapmaking course provides guidance for successfully setting up a craft business to sell your soap in the UK and European Union. We provide comprehensive guidelines to EU cosmetic safety regulations and an introduction to a chartered chemist with vast experience of working with crafters to certify your products for sale.